Monday, 17 December 2012

Happy Christmas

I would like to wish all readers a very Happy Christmas and Peaceful New Year.  Will be back in January 2013.  Regards to all.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Isle of Man Railway pictures

A small collection of pictures of the Isle of Man Railway, taken in Port Erin in July 2012.  These pictures are copyright Lancaster 2012.  If you wish to use them you must ask permission first. 

Monday, 24 September 2012

Good days racing.

We had a good days racing with the Singapore GP and Touring Cars yesterday.  Pity for Hamilton, but good for Button.  

Hornby R902 Circuit Controller.

I am having trouble locating leads which connect this to the power clip on the track.  I have two for the R900 power controller, but not this.  Have managed to get my two GWR Loco's running round the layout and pulling wagons.  Have been working on layout 3 from the 4th Edition track plans book.  This has my own extension (pictures to follow).  Now I am waiting for some Hobbyist Cork to use as track underlay.  This seems to be cheaper than the Hornby underlay.

More soon  (Lancaster)

Saturday, 22 September 2012


What a fantastic resource, this web site is.  Enjoy:-


Friday, 21 September 2012

I have taken some photographs of my Locomotives.  Above two GWR Loco's.  One is from my original freight set.

At long last I have an Intercity 125, shown with "Dummy car".

Mainline Class 45 Loco (Diesel), No. 45039 "The Manchester Regiment" in Blue.

Mainline Class 25 (Diesel) No. 25241.

Managed to get a good deal on various platform items, such as ticket office, etc.  Now all I need are some more engine sheds and a Level crossing.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Railway Pictures

From top to bottom, R900 Power Controller
R501 Gorgeous looking station, platform and accessories
R576 Tunnel
R146  Double Engine Shed

Will post Locomotives soon.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Its been a while.

I don't know where this summer has gone (well okay, two days of summer).  So have not been posting.  I have also decided to dedicate this blog to my hold hobby of Hornby Railway Modelling.   This started when I went into the loft with the very good intention of selling some of my old set off on eBay.   Of course I needed to make sure things worked before selling them, but then I got hooked again.  

My plan was to go for track layout 03 with possible extensions from that, so I began adding to the track I already have.  With a little help I managed to put together a 6'0 base board, then began laying the track to find the power clip was so old it no longer functioned.  I had one GWR Locomotive which needed a bit of TLC to get going, so won another and some Diesel Locomotives, in between waiting for some auctions with points (notably R613 and R612) to end.  Then I got side tracked and saw a Zero 1 controller for sale and a slave unit which I won for less than £20.00.  Then came the problem of locating the modules that are required to work with the Zero 1 system.  I did a Google search and found two for a reasonable price, then read the fitting instructions which seems to require some soldering (not mentioned in the blurb).

I back tracked slightly while winning an R900 Power Controller, which I again won for under £10.00 (the postage really gets you on eBay).  I can now run my GWR Loco until it derails itself on a dodgy point (R612).  Yesterday, I found some decent looking replacements and at long last won a R902 Circuit Controller.

Some pictures will be posted tomorrow.  Oh and I won R501 Station building, which looks really nice.