Friday, 30 April 2010

Useful computers!

I was thinking this morning just as my computer froze on me whilst trying to access the internet how wondefully smart computers are nowadays.

It's wonderful when as a human being we are working on a word processor and it's time to close a document and yes you click on the red X and your smart machine pops up with a message saying "Document has changed, are you sure you want to close it?".

Now if I were a woman suffering from PMT's I could understand a flurry of expletives - of course I bleeping want to close the document, you bleeping, bleeping machine, I pushed the bleeping button you bleeping, bleeping idot!

My own mother talks to the microwave when it kindly beeps to remind her that it has finished cooking something, she also moans at the cooker when something boils over - it's the cookers fault of course, never the human operating the machine.

I look forward to the day when a computer actually answers a human back with speech.
You can only imagine the sorts of Basil Fawlty type arguments that will occur.  That bad tempered tennis player You cannot be bleeping serious can you, I bleeping told you to do that! Do bleeping argue with me.  Right your for the scrap heap then! 

Well for now enjoy using your HID (Human Interfacing Device) or more simply mouse.

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