Friday, 25 February 2011

Been a while.

I've not posted anything on this blog for ages.  Now that the Christmas hassle is behind us things should get back to normal.

"In times of stress and doubt - if in doubt reach for the whiskey and the snout or stout!"

It occurred to me after watching Star Trek VI for about the fourth time when it was on over the festive season that Captain James T Kirk never actually said “Please beam me up Scotty!” it was always just “Beam me up Scotty - we’re in the s**t!” or “We’re surrounded by Klingons Scotty! Help!”

“Right you are Captain” - “Bossy so and so that one is!”

At least Picard had a better order in The Next Generation “Energise!” that wouldn’t have got his staff running to the Human Resources department with complaints.

I'm going to be blogging about various topics including gaming seeing as I purchased a Nintendo Wii for Christmas.  It is my intention to build this into a popular blog with plenty of followers.

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