Monday, 10 September 2012

Its been a while.

I don't know where this summer has gone (well okay, two days of summer).  So have not been posting.  I have also decided to dedicate this blog to my hold hobby of Hornby Railway Modelling.   This started when I went into the loft with the very good intention of selling some of my old set off on eBay.   Of course I needed to make sure things worked before selling them, but then I got hooked again.  

My plan was to go for track layout 03 with possible extensions from that, so I began adding to the track I already have.  With a little help I managed to put together a 6'0 base board, then began laying the track to find the power clip was so old it no longer functioned.  I had one GWR Locomotive which needed a bit of TLC to get going, so won another and some Diesel Locomotives, in between waiting for some auctions with points (notably R613 and R612) to end.  Then I got side tracked and saw a Zero 1 controller for sale and a slave unit which I won for less than £20.00.  Then came the problem of locating the modules that are required to work with the Zero 1 system.  I did a Google search and found two for a reasonable price, then read the fitting instructions which seems to require some soldering (not mentioned in the blurb).

I back tracked slightly while winning an R900 Power Controller, which I again won for under £10.00 (the postage really gets you on eBay).  I can now run my GWR Loco until it derails itself on a dodgy point (R612).  Yesterday, I found some decent looking replacements and at long last won a R902 Circuit Controller.

Some pictures will be posted tomorrow.  Oh and I won R501 Station building, which looks really nice.

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