Monday, 28 June 2010

England embarrassment .

I am feeling more than a little gutted this morning, after the terrible performance from our England players yesterday.  I felt somewhat embarrassed to support the team.   As if it is not bad enough that these over paid players are earning in the region of fifty thousand pounds per week - more than I'll ever see in my life at this time.  They couldn't even get the defense correct with that long kick by the German goal keeper.  Where is or should I say was Rooney? Burned out after a successful season at Man Utd.  Gerard didn't really seem to inspire and there is no need to mention the goal that wasn't allowed and don't even mention the war!

Well folks, it seems we have one Prime Minister and a deputy running the country maybe the England team need to work that way.  Also, why should players get paid for playing for their country, they should do it free of charge as a matter of pride and honor and then maybe they would try harder.

It begs the point whether we should select and include players from Scotland, Ireland and Wales, then we will have a United Kingdom.

It is not only the fans here in UK I feel sorry for, who have spent money on flags and kit, etc.  The fans who have spent thousands on traveling to South Africa to support a team that has again disappointed.

We were also beaten by a German racing driver, so not a very good day all round.

Oh well, keep pouring the gin.

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