Tuesday, 15 June 2010


I signed in with the main aim today of posting a photograph of the growing vegetables in the family vegetable plot.  However, my camera's batteries have died, so whilst I wait for the two hours for them to charge up.  I'll get on with some blog work.

The thing I like about Doctors, is the show deals with medical issues as well as personal issues and relationships.  I've been watching for a good number of years now.  While the story lines can be quite outrageous at times, for example in the run up to Christmas 2009 when Jimmi Clay was taken hostage by the two Psycho's.  There is the on/off relationship between Daniel Granger and Zara Carmichael.  The practice manager Julia Parsons acts like a second mother to most of her staff.  The waste coat wearing Heston Carter and sexual innuendo stating Charlie Bradfield.
The two nurses Michelle and ever smiling Cherry Malone and also the two receptionists Ruth and Karen, then we have openly gay Doctor Simon Bond.

There was a cracking story line a while ago when Ruth took over Michelle's identity and ended up being sectioned, this story continued when someone she met in the treatment home called Smithy returned.

One thing that bothers me, is they leave most episodes open, you never know at the end whether people sort their health or personal problems out.  I wish when the series has a break they would have a show clearing up loose ends.

Another story line was the student who was messed up in the head and hell bent on revenge.  This was a week long story line which ended with a hostage situation and Sergeant Hollins coming to the rescue.

It's a good show where you can actually learn a thing or two.

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