Tuesday, 12 April 2011

More thoughts

Something puzzles me about celebrities appearing on chat shows.  They always seem so upbeat and positive about things.  A nice smile and a warm hand shake and the interview starts in earnest.
    “So, how’s the tour been?” asks one presenter
    “Absolutely amazing, you know, wonderful, great to be on the road and seeing the fans again”.

Of course a star is never going to complain or grumble, there’s the appearance fee, plus album and song royalties to rake in - even unsold tickets to sell.

And yet, you never have a complaining star on a chat show:
    “Well, you know, I hate living in hotels, living out of a suit case” sigh and more you knows “The food is terrible, the endless hand shakes are giving me RSI” exhale “I wake in the middle of the night seeing flash builds from the camera’s - HELP ME IT’S TERRIBLE!”.

Bemused looks from each presenter.

The Bad Tempered Prima Donna has arrived!!

Added to the infuriating adverts list:-

ISA - especially ISA, ISA Baby, and the inflating castle - don't forget to take your shoes off, health and safety!

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