Monday, 4 April 2011

Top Ten Infuriating Television Adverts

Top Ten Infuriating Television Adverts:-

Top Ten Plus Infuriating Television Adverts.

1.    Go Compare - The moustache has gone past it!
2.    Seriously Strong Spread able Cheese - Don’t bother answering the phone if you are enjoying eating it.
3.    Money Super Market . Com - We Buy Any Car . Com - Travel Super Market . Com
4.    Any personal injury or accident adverts.
5.    118, yes more moustache's!
6.    Over fifties life cover plans, free gifts, yes well who needs a free Parker pen anyway!
7.    AA boiler repair advert.  Do we really need John Cleese saying “Fawlty Showers”?
8.    Churchill home insurance - Like we are going to walk into a shop with a dodgy umbrella and cause havoc!
9.    More Than Freeman - We know now that the English Man’s home is his castle!
10.  Autoglass Repair - For goodness sake just get on and repair the chip.

Bonus,  Laser eye surgery adverts - the cost is way over the top!
       Pet Plan.
       I am an Iams cat

There was an earthquake in Blackpool on Friday 1st April  Needless to say I didn't feel anything and when it was announced on North West Today's lunch time programme, I like many others thought it was an April fools joke despite the time being nearly 13.45 p.m.  A quick check of teletext revealed there had been one!

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